Visualize the Storm Events Impacts

by Suman K Polavarapu

This project was completed as part of CUNY DATA608's curriculum. To see other projects, please click here for the homepage.

Storm Data is an official publication of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which documents the occurrence of storms and other significant weather phenomena having sufficient intensity to cause loss of life, injuries, significant property damage, and/or disruption to commerce. A storm includes various weather conditions such as - Flood, Ice Storm, Tornado, Heavy rain etc

The intent of the project is to visualize the state level summary of fatalities caused by various weather events in USA. And also, provide the county level impacts in the State of Arkansas.

All States - Fatality Choropleth

'Deaths' include both direct and indirect

Major Storm Events

State of Arkansas - Population Choropleth - County Level Storm Impact

Impact Type Measure (Count or Amount)
Crops Damage
Property Damage